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A collection of winning pitch deck examples from high-growth startups in the Cryptocurrency industry like Coinbase, Gluwa, and Utrust.

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Hadean logo  Hadean

Hadean is a venture-backed startup, reimagining distributed, spatial and scalable computing for web 3. Hadean went public at a valuation of $30M in 2022 with this deck.

$30M • 2022 • Series A  
TBD logo  TBD

TBD is the crypto and decentralized finance business arm of Square. This pitch deck released in 2022 detailed TBD's vision for Web5: an "extra decentralized" web platform.

-- • 2022 • N/A  
Kryptomon logo  Kryptomon

Kryptomon is an NFT-powered game combines the concepts of classic games like Pokemon and Tamagotchi with ownership properties of popular NFT projects like CryptoKitties Kryptomon raised $10M in 2022 with this deck.

$10M • 2022 • Series A  
OurSong logo  OurSong

OurSong is a consumer social NFT platform that allows users to easily discover, create, and trade NFTs while building social followings and digital communities. OurSong raised $7.5M in 2022 with this deck.

$7.5M • 2022 • Seed  
Yuga Labs logo  Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs is the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club and owner of the most valuable NFT projects on the market (over $3B in trading volume). Yuga Labs raised $450M in 2022 with this deck.

$450M • 2022 • Series A  
Coinbase logo  Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows traders to buy and sell around 50 cryptocurrencies. Coinbase raised $600K in 2012 with this deck.

$600K • 2012 • Seed  
SolChicks logo  SolChicks

SolChicks is a play-to-earn fantasy role-playing game powered by the high-speed Solana blockchain. SolChicks raised $57M in 2022 with this deck.

$57M • 2022 • Series A  
Romit logo  Romit

Robocoin, previously known as Romit, is the fastest and most secure way to buy, sell, store, and send bitcoin. It provides a seamless interface for all your digital currency needs. Romit raised $125K in 2015 with this deck.

$125K • 2015 • Seed  
GogoCoin logo  GogoCoin

GogoCoin provides prepaid bitcoin access and the opportunity to discover ways to use this new technology. GogoCoin raised $105K in 2013 with this deck.

$105K • 2013 • Seed  
Utrust logo  Utrust

Utrust is a payment platform that allows anyone to pay and accept payments with cryptocurrencies. Utrust raised $21M in 2017 with this deck.

$21M • 2017 • Seed  
SolChicks logo  SolChicks

SolChicks, a play-to-earn fantasy game built on Solana, made headlines after being backed by over 113 different venture capital funds. SolChicks raised $20M in 2021 with this deck.

$20M • 2021 • Seed  
Gluwa logo  Gluwa

Gluwa is an end-to-end decentralized financial ecosystem that allows for frictionless interactions among communities in the virtual and real world. Gluwa raised Undisclosed in 2017 with this deck.

Undisclosed • 2017 • Seed  
Alluva logo  Alluva

Alluva is a blockchain-based, contributor-model product that incentivises participants for their predictions and ratings. Alluva raised $10M in 2019 with this deck.

$10M • 2019 • Seed  
BigControls logo  BigControls

Blockchain platform for the global tax credit & incentive obligations between corporations & government agencies. BigControls raised $125K in 2016 with this deck.

$125K • 2016 • Seed  
Cryptomover logo  Cryptomover

Most professional and transparent digital asset index fund Cryptomover is a digital asset management platform that specializes in market making and over-the-counter trading of crypto. Cryptomover raised N/A in - with this deck.

N/A • - • Undisclosed  
Sharebee logo  Sharebee

Sharebee is a web and mobile peer-to-peer platform that connects people with spare space with people who need storage or parking solutions. Sharebee raised CA$100K in 2016 with this deck.

CA$100K • 2016 • Angel Round  

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