DivyCloud Pitch Deck

Divvy Cloud Corporation develops management software. The Company provides IT infrastructure software for multi cloud management platforms to manage, track, and audit private and public clouds. Divvy Cloud operates in McLean, Virginia.

2019 • Series B  

About the DivyCloud Pitch Deck

  • Raised: $20M
  • Year: 2019
  • Stage: Series B
  • Investors:

About DivyCloud

DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security company that protects cloud- and container environemnts from misconfigurations, policy violations, threats and IAM challanges.In 2019 DivvyCloud raised with this pitch deck $20M in funding in a Series B round.This was the most recent of their 6 investments ($28.9M).

  • Industry: Tech
  • Tags: Tech
  • Business Model:
  • Customer Model:
  • Website: divvycloud.com
  • Legal Name: DivyCloud

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