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A collection of winning pitch deck examples from media & entertainment startups like BuzzFeed, Overtime Media, and Fanatiz.

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LottieLab empowers design teams with its cutting-edge platform, revolutionizing animation creation and deployment. Collaborate and edit animations quickly using the Lottie file format.

$4M • 2022 • Seed  

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 CGHero logo  CGHero

CGHero offers clients the opportunity to assemble their ideal Hero team, tailored to meet their specific production requirements.

$4M • 2022 • N/A  
   Red Door Digital

Red Door Digital captivates players with immersive gameplay, transporting them to a dreamlike futuristic world and introducing tangible decentralized finance mechanisms.

$5M • 2022 • Seed  

HearHere provides informative tidbits about users' surroundings while driving, with three- to five-minute segments, including undiscovered points of interest, upon consent.

$3.2M • 2022 • Seed  
 Canela Media logo  Canela Media

Canela Media caters to multicultural audiences with a complete ecosystem that includes a free streaming service for on-demand Latino movies and TV.

$32M • 2022 • Series A  
 MediaKits logo  MediaKits

MediaKits, provide the tools and support you need to showcase your unique brand and succeed in the digital landscape.

$1M • 2021 • Pre-seed  
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Using inventive recording techniques, the platform seizes crucial moments in gameplay, easily shareable through the application.

$45M • 2021 • Series C logo

Toch's product is conceptualized to create epic content that leaves an impact using ingenuity and precision.

$12M • 2021 • Series A  
 Curastory logo  Curastory

Curastory goes beyond empowering creators by providing brands with valuable benefits such as revenue generation, video matchmaking, and attribution tracking.

$2M • 2021 • Seed  

Moonshot combats online harms like disinformation, human trafficking, gender-based violence, and child exploitation with cutting-edge technologies.

$160M • 2021 • Series A  
 LiveControl logo  LiveControl

LiveControl is your dedicated camera operator, controlled remotely for a fraction of the price.

$30M • 2021 • Series A  

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 Maestro logo  Maestro

Maestro empowers enterprise live streamers with a white-label platform to own, engage, and monetize their audiences.

$15M • 2021 • Series B  

Overtime builds disruptive new sports leagues aimed globally at the next generation of sports fans and athletes.

$80M • 2021 • Series C  
 Stakester logo  Stakester

In its seed round, Stakester secured funding led by RTP Global, a renowned investor known for backing companies like Ring and Yandex.

$2.7M • 2021 • Seed  

Storyboard revolutionizes team communication with its captivating platform that leverages asynchronous audio for seamless collaboration.

$4.5M • 2021 • Seed  

A-Champs empowers all ages and fitness levels through captivating training, combining IoT technology, gamification, and sports science.

$400K • 2020 • Seed  

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 Audoo logo  Audoo

Audoo's remarkable technology sets new standards by precisely tracking and monitoring music played in diverse public performance locations with unmatched accuracy.

$7M • 2020 • Series A  
 Edge logo  Edge

Effortlessly manage influencer campaign reporting with Edge by choosing pre-set reporting dashboards or customizing them to fit your specific reporting needs.

$1.5M • 2020 • Seed  
 Fnatic logo  Fnatic

Fnatic has played a pivotal role since its inception in shaping and propelling the extraordinary growth of this burgeoning global sport.

$10M • 2020 • Venture  
 Suzy logo  Suzy

Suzy drives growth by validating assumptions, aiding companies in creating compelling products, developing effective marketing strategies, and generating verified offers.

$34M • 2020 • Series D  
 Curio logo  Curio

Curio functions as a premium audio platform, providing users with a subscription-based service that grants access to a thoughtfully curated collection of narrated articles.

$9M • 2020 • Series A  

The pitch deck template proven to close deals!

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Telly offers the first Dual Screen Smart TV: the ultimate free television upgrade for the living room.

-- • 2023 • Seed  
 Legion M logo  Legion M

Legion M is a fan-owned entertainment company producing a slate of movies, TV, and digital content. Legion M raised $11M in 2022 with this deck.

$11M • 2022 • Crowdfunding  
 Buzzfeed logo  Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is an internet media company delivering news and entertainment to a global audience. Buzzfeed raised $3.5M in 2008 with this deck.

$3.5M • 2008 • Series A  
 DealFlicks logo  DealFlicks

Dealflicks sells discounted movie tickets to help fill theaters and save people money. DealFlicks raised $2.9M in 2015 with this deck.

$2.9M • 2015 • Seed logo

Curio creates original audio stories from the world’s leading publications. raised $9M in 2020 with this deck.

$9M • 2020 • Series A  
Ultimate Pitch Deck Template: 12-in-1 bundle of 750+ expert-designed slides
 Holloway logo  Holloway

Holloway’s Guides are a long-established series of books, written by expert authors, to help you learn whatever you want to know. Holloway raised $4.6M in 2019 with this deck.

$4.6M • 2019 • Seed  
 Sqoop logo  Sqoop

Sqoop is an innovative network that employs the power of data to help journalists access news and sources faster. Sqoop raised $125K in 2015 with this deck.

$125K • 2015 • Seed  
 Kibin logo  Kibin

Kibin is an editing & proof reading service for students.In 2011 Kibin raised $400k with the help of this pitch deck. Kibin raised $400k in 2011 with this deck.

$400k • 2011 • Seed  
 RegioHelden logo  RegioHelden

The founder of RegioHelden Feliks Eyser talks about how he managed to raise 10m with this deck on his Medium account. RegioHelden raised $10M in with this deck.

$10M • • Series B  
 Fanatiz logo  Fanatiz

Fanatiz is a streaming platform with sports channels for Live and VOD events. Fanatiz raised $10M in 2020 with this deck.

$10M • 2020 • Series A  

Investors see 5,000 pitch decks per year. Will you stand out?


ROHO offers online religious content that is indexed and curated for users. Roho raised $125K in 2016 with this deck.

$125K • 2016 • Seed  
 SetScouter logo  SetScouter

Find unique film locations faster SetScouter raised Undisclosed in 2013 with this deck.

Undisclosed • 2013 • Pre-Seed  
 SilkRoad Images

Silkroad Images is provider of exclusive Turkish & ME stock photography and digital content. SilkRoad Images raised Undisclosed in 2016 with this deck.

Undisclosed • 2016 • Seed  

ViewMarket, formerly known as The Haul Company, is a video content network. ViewMarket raised N/A in - with this deck.

N/A • - • Undisclosed  

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