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A collection of winning pitch deck examples from high-growth social media startups like Snapchat, Tinder, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Winning pitch decks that have closed millions in investments for leading startups and billion-dollar unicorns.


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$12.7M • 2022 • Seed  

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 Spoon Radio logo  Spoon Radio

On Spoon Radio, listeners can purchase virtual tokens to tip audio livestreamers in various audio rooms hosted by creators.

$60M • 2021 • Venture  
 GlobalWonks logo  GlobalWonks

GlobalWonks Our uniqueness is defined by our software, which starts with NetworkPulse.

$2M • 2020 • Seed  
 Restream logo  Restream

Restream is a game-changing multi-streaming solution that empowers producers to effortlessly connect and engage with their audience across diverse platforms.

$50M • 2020 • Seed  
 Octi logo  Octi

Octi recognizes that buzzwords like ML and CV may invite skepticism, but their intentional integration has the potential to impact valuation when aligned with industry trends.

N/A • 2019 • Seed  

Triller is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short-form videos.

$500M • 2023 • SPAC  
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   Super by Meta

Super is a new livestreaming platform for influencers developed by Meta (parent company of Facebook & Instagram). Super by Meta raised n/a in 2021 with this deck.

n/a • 2021 • n/a  
 Almost Friday logo  Almost Friday

Almost Friday is a media platform, production company, and lifestyle brand. Almost Friday raised $6M in 2022 with this deck.

$6M • 2022 • Seed  
 Facebook logo  Facebook

Facebook is a social network that connects you with recent grads, classmates, old friends, and distant relatives. This presentation was used to pitch Facebook to advertisers around the same time they raised $500k from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

$500k • 2004 • Early Stage  
 Tinder logo  Tinder

Tinder anonymously finds people nearby that like each other and connects them if they are both interested. Tinder raised $50M in 2016 with this deck.

$50M • 2016 • Seed  
 Snapchat logo  Snapchat

Snap helps people stay connected with the world through tailored camera products and supporting services. Snapchat raised $50M in 2013 with this deck.

$50M • 2013 • Pre-Seed  

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 Youtube logo  Youtube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform on which users can upload, view, and share videos globally. Users can access and engage in various content online including movie clips, music videos, and amateur videos. Youtube raised $3.5M in 2005 with this deck.

$3.5M • 2005 • Series A  
 Linkedin logo  Linkedin

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. It helps businesses and professionals connect and exchange ideas, information, and opportunities. Linkedin raised $10M in 2014 with this deck.

$10M • 2014 • Series B  
 Connected2me logo  Connected2me

Connected2me is a free mobile app that allows users to chat, meet, and make friends anonymously. Connected2me raised $515K in 2014 with this deck.

$515K • 2014 • Seed  
 Lunch Club logo  Lunch Club

Lunchclub uses an AI-powered matching engine to connect the most ambitious professionals for personalized video meetings. Lunch Club raised $4M in 2019 with this deck.

$4M • 2019 • Series A  
 Yammer logo  Yammer

Yammer is your team’s home on the Web. It’s where employees find out what’s happening in the company, find answers to questions they have about their jobs, and connect with co-workers, customers, and partners. Yammer raised $17M in 2011 with this deck.

$17M • 2011 • Series D  

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 Almabase logo  Almabase

Almabase is a platform that streamlines your alumni engagement and fundraising efforts. Almabase raised $100K in 2018 with this deck.

$100K • 2018 • Seed  
 Alumnify logo  Alumnify

Alumnify is a community-based platform that lets graduates connect with each other, find new job opportunities and establish new university communities. Alumnify raised $1.3M in 2014 with this deck.

$1.3M • 2014 • Seed  
 YogaTrail logo  YogaTrail

Yogatrail is an online platform that allows you to discover your favorite yoga classes and studios, book your appointments, read reviews, and connect with other like-minded yoga practitioners. YogaTrail raised $320K in 2014 with this deck.

$320K • 2014 • Seed  

HYVE helps users navigate their social media channels by allowing them to follow more people. HYVE raised $150K in 2019 with this deck.

$150K • 2019 • Seed  
 Pal+ (Cubie Messenger)

Pal+ is a free mobile messaging app that allows users to create and share images, videos, and voice messages while chatting with others. Pal+ (Cubie Messenger) raised $1.1M in 2012 with this deck.

$1.1M • 2012 • Series A  

The pitch deck template proven to close deals!

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 Stitch logo  Stitch

Stitch is the world’s leading companionship and activity site for older adults. Stitch raised $100K in 2014 with this deck.

$100K • 2014 • Seed  
 VideoSelfie (formerly Unda)

VideoSelfie is a mobile video messaging app for iOS devices. VideoSelfie (formerly Unda) raised $50K in 2013 with this deck.

$50K • 2013 • Seed  

ZootRock generates automated curated content to populate your tweets and posts so you don't have to spend the time sourcing relevant content to post. Zootrock raised $110K in 2014 with this deck.

$110K • 2014 • Seed  

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