Nvidia × Arm Acquisition Pitch Deck

In September 2020, Nvidia announced it would pay $40B in cash and stock to acquire British chip designer Arm, but the FTC filed a law enforcement action to block the deal in February 2022.

Arm heralds itself as the leading technology provider of processor IP: they architect, develop, and license high-performance, low-cost, and energy-efficient IP solutions for CPUs, GPUs, NPUs and interconnect technologies. Nvidia's GPU business took off due to the Generative AI boom just a year after this acquisition was announced.

NVIDIA hoped to create the 'World’s Premier Computing Company for the Age of AI' by acquiring ARM. Reportedly over 70% of people use Arm's technology. Acquiring Arm would have helped $NVIDIA expand its reach from 2M to 15M developers. Back in 2020, $ARM earned $1.8B in revenue at a whopping 94% gross margin (up to $2.6B in 2023).

$40B • 2020 • Acquisition  

About the Nvidia × Arm Acquisition Pitch Deck

  • Raised: $40B
  • Year: 2020
  • Stage: Acquisition
  • Investors: NVIDIA

About Nvidia × Arm Acquisition

Nvida was set to acquire Arm for $40B in 2020, but the FTC blocked the transaction.

  • Industry: AI
  • Tags: Hardware, Semiconductors, Microchips
  • Business Model: B2B
  • Customer Model: Other
  • Website: https://www.arm.com
  • Legal Name: Nvidia × Arm Acquisition

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