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New York City-based Rogo specializes in generative AI solutions for financial institutions. Users can ask questions like "what are big bank CEOs saying about inflation on recent earnings calls?" The platform returns an answer, which is informed by third-party data from sources, like the SEC, transcripts, and investor presentations, as well as a firm’s internal data.

Since launching commercially in September, the startup has nabbed clients, including asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, and private equity firms. Rogo charges a per-seat fee and has generated $1 million in revenue so far.

Rogo has announced a $7 million seed round. The funding was spearheaded by AlleyCorp, a prominent venture capital firm, with significant contributions from Company Ventures, BoxGroup, and ScOp Ventures.

$7m • 2024 • Seed  

About the Rogo Pitch Deck

  • Raised: $7m
  • Year: 2024
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investors: VC: AlleyCorp (Lead), Company Ventures, BoxGroup, ScOp Ventures

About Rogo

Rogo is an AI-powered personal research analyst for banks and investment funds.

  • Industry: AI
  • Tags: Finance, Financial Services, Banking, AI, Generative AI, GenAI, Machine Learning, Big Data, ML, AI/ML
  • Business Model: B2B
  • Customer Model: Marketplace
  • Website:
  • Legal Name: Rogo

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Rogo is an AI-powered personal research analyst for banks and investment funds. Rogo raised $7m in 2024 with this deck.

$7m • 2024 • Seed  
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