Sandbox VR Pitch Deck

Sandbox VR stands out among VR companies due to its emphasis on full-body, in-person, social, and virtual reality experiences. Sandbox VR customers go to physical, brick-and-mortar locations with up to six of their friends, rather than strapping on a headset and grabbing controllers while standing alone in their living room. There, players are outfitted with full-body motion capture devices, VR-ready backpack computers, haptic vests, and other game-specific items that enhance the immersion.
Sandbox VR has raised multiple funding rounds from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, and celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Katie Perry, Kevin Durant, Orlando Bloom, and more.
Take a look at the pitch deck that Sandbox VR used to raise their $68m series-a round in 2019.

2019 • Series A  

About the Sandbox VR Pitch Deck

  • Raised: $68M
  • Year: 2019
  • Stage: Series A
  • Investors:

About Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is a virtual reality startup that offers a premium, fully-immersive virtual reality experience.

  • Industry: Gaming
  • Tags: Augmented Reality, Entertainment, IT, Gaming, Events
  • Business Model: Other
  • Customer Model: B2C
  • Website:
  • Legal Name: Sandbox VR

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