Party Round Pitch Deck

Party Round raised $7 million using its own platform in 2021, with this 10-slide pitch deck.
Party Round is a powerful tool suite for founders to automated fundraising: from generating & sending docs to collecting signatures & funds. Their mission is to make the process of raising early-stage corporate capital far simpler than it is today.
In the VC world, a “party round” is an funding round where several angel investors participate to get an early-stage startup off the ground.
Party Round won seed funding from blue-chip VCs like Andreessen Horowitz, Seven Seven Six, Gradient Ventures, Abstract Ventures, and Shrug Capital.

2021 • Seed  

About the Party Round Pitch Deck

  • Raised: $7M
  • Year: 2021
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investors: VC & Angels — Andreessen Horowitz, Seven Seven Six, Gradient Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Shrug Capital, Nik Sharma, Austin Rief, Emilie Choi

About Party Round

Party Round is an automated fundraising tool for founders to generate and send docs, collect signatures, and receive funds.

  • Industry: Fintech
  • Tags: Investing, Venture Capital, Fintech, Finance, Software, SaaS
  • Business Model: SaaS
  • Customer Model: B2B
  • Website:
  • Legal Name: Party Round

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