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A collection of winning pitch deck examples from high-growth startups in the food & beverage industry like Doordash, Blue Apron, and Chobani.

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Winning pitch decks that have closed millions in investments for leading startups and billion-dollar unicorns.

 Motatos logo  Motatos

Motatos plays a pivotal role in assisting grocery stores to reduce food waste and adopt a more sustainable approach to managing surplus inventory.

$27M • 2021 • Series C  

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 Chobani logo  Chobani

Chobani produces Greek yogurt that contains no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

$500M • 2014 • Private Equity  

Aphea.Bio is a fully integrated microbial product development company dedicated to food security and ensuring a safe and healthy food chain.

€70M • 2023 • Series C  

HelloBello offers freshly cooked human-grade food tailored to each dog’s nutritional needs via a subscription service. HelloBello raised $1.8M in 2022 with this deck.

$1.8M • 2022 • Seed  
 HowGood logo  HowGood

HowGood is a New York-based sustainable food rating company, comprising the world's largest database on sustainable food, with a scoring system for food products using up to 60 industry-specific indicators. HowGood raised $12.5M in 2022 with this deck.

$12.5M • 2022 • Series B  
 Belgian Boys logo  Belgian Boys

Belgian Boys is a New York-based snack startup offering a variety of authentic European desserts such as waffles, cookies, crepes, cakes, as well as breakfast items made with non-GMO ingredients. Belgian Boys raised $7M in 2022 with this deck.

$7M • 2022 • Series A  
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 Doordash logo  Doordash

DoorDash provides restaurant food delivery services connecting customers with local businesses. Doordash raised $2.4M in 2013 with this deck.

$2.4M • 2013 • Early Stage  
 Blue Apron logo  Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a leading online marketplace for the delivery of quality gourmet ingredients and recipe kits. Blue Apron raised $135M in 2015 with this deck.

$135M • 2015 • Series D  

Brewpublik provides high-quality craft beer to homes and offices. Brewpublik raised $255K in 2015 with this deck.

$255K • 2015 • Seed  
 Chefs for Seniors logo  Chefs for Seniors

Chefs for Seniors provides senior citizens with grocery shopping and in-house meal preparation. Chefs for Seniors raised $125K in 2016 with this deck.

$125K • 2016 • Seed  
 Love with Food logo  Love with Food

Love With Food helps food brands and CPGs to ensure that they are reaching their target customers using a combination of survey data, whitepaper creation, and media outreach. Love with Food raised $1.4M in 2014 with this deck.

$1.4M • 2014 • Seed  

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 EnvoyNow logo  EnvoyNow

EnvoyNow is the first on-demand food delivery startup that gives students a way to get quality meals without having to shop for ingredients or cook. EnvoyNow raised $1M in 2016 with this deck.

$1M • 2016 • Seed  
 Hampton Creek logo  Hampton Creek

Currently operating under EAT JUST Inc, Hampton Creek is an American food manufacturing company that produces plant-based meals.

$23M • • Series B  

Founded in 2018, K-Zen operates as a beverage company that produces and distributes cannabis-infused drinks. The company announced in May 2019 that it had received $5 million in seed funding from early-stage global venture capital firm DCM.‍ K-Zen raised $5M in with this deck.

$5M • • Seed  

Delicious Asian food, delivered. Bento raised $1.5M in 2015 with this deck.

$1.5M • 2015 • Seed  
 Eat Just, Inc. (formerly Hampton Creek) logo  Eat Just, Inc. (formerly Hampton Creek)

On a mission to build a food system where everyone eats well. Eat Just, Inc. (formerly Hampton Creek) raised $1M in 2013 with this deck.

$1M • 2013 • Series A  

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 Lish logo  Lish

Lish offers workplace food programs for companies of all sizes. Lish raised $375K in 2015 with this deck.

$375K • 2015 • Debt Financing  
   Paranoid Fan

Paranoid Fan is building a mapping and food delivery platform around live experiences. Paranoid Fan raised $750K in 2016 with this deck.

$750K • 2016 • Seed  
   Little Lunch

Little Lunch caters to diverse dietary needs by providing gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

$3.12M • 2022 • Seed  
 Clean Kitchen Club logo  Clean Kitchen Club

At the forefront of culinary innovation, Clean Kitchen Club is an inspiring and forward-thinking company fueled by a noble mission.

$1.7M • 2022 • Seed  
 Nui Cookies logo  Nui Cookies

Nui cookies initially targeted ketogenic diet followers, aiding the weight loss and health improvement of founders Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias.

$300k • 2019 • Seed  
 Super Coffee

Their concoctions promise indulgence and nourishment with organic Colombian coffee, coconut oil, lactose-free milk protein, and dark maple syrup.

$25M • 2019 • Series A  
 Kitu Life logo  Kitu Life

Kitu Life their products are not only delicious and indulgent but also prioritize health, delivering a smooth and natural taste that rejuvenates both the mind and body.

$400k • 2019 • Series C  

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