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A collection of winning pitch deck examples from successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A) such as Uber × Postmates, Kraft × Heinz, VF × Supreme, and more.

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Pluralsight Acquisition logo  Pluralsight Acquisition

Pluralsight is an online learning platform for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals. Pluralsight was acquired for $3.5B by Vista Equity Partners in 2021.

$3.5B • 2021 • M&A  
Tesla × SolarCity Acquisition logo  Tesla × SolarCity Acquisition

Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016 for ~$2.6 billion and reorganized its solar business into Tesla Energy.

$2.6B • 2016 • Acquisition  
Washington Commanders Acquisition logo  Washington Commanders Acquisition

In July 2023, an investment group led by Josh Harris (co-founder of Apollo Global & owner of the 76ers), acquired the Washington Commanders from Dan Snyder for $6.05 billion.

$6.05B • 2023 • Acquisition  
Salesforce × Slack Acquisition logo  Salesforce × Slack Acquisition

Salesforce acquired Slack for $27.7 billion (mostly in cash) in 2021, representing a 70% premium to the stock's average trading price at the time.

$27.7B • 2021 • Acquisition  
AT&T × Time Warner Acquisition logo  AT&T × Time Warner Acquisition

AT&T fought regulators for six years to acquire Time Warner for $85 billion, only to spin it off three years later.

$85B • 2018 • Acquisition  
UFC × WWE Merger logo  UFC × WWE Merger

WWE and UFC officially merged in a deal valued at $21.4 billion under the TKO umbrella.

$21.4B • 2023 • Merger  
Microsoft × Activision Acquisition logo  Microsoft × Activision Acquisition

Microsoft made its largest acquisition of all-time, purchasing Activision Blizzard for $68.7B in 2023.

$68.7B • 2023 • Acquisition  
Skydance × Paramount Acquisition logo  Skydance × Paramount Acquisition

After initial talks fizzled out in June, Skydance Media signed an $8 billion deal in July 2024 to take over Paramount Global.

$8B • 2024 • Merger  
Darden Sale of Red Lobster logo  Darden Sale of Red Lobster

Darden Restaurants (owner of Olive Garden) sold Red Lobster in 2014 for $2.1B to PE firm Golden Gate Capital.

$2.1B • 2014 • Acquisition  
Helen of Troy × Drybar Acquisition logo  Helen of Troy × Drybar Acquisition

On January 23, 2020, Helen of Troy announced the acquisition of Drybar. The deal included the Drybar trademark and other IP.

$255M • 2020 • Acquisition  
Uber × Postmates Acquisition logo  Uber × Postmates Acquisition

Less than a month after a failed attempt to acquire Grubhub, Uber Technologies agreed to purchase Postmates Inc for $2.65B in an all-stock deal.

$2.65B • 2020 • Acquisition  
Philip Morris × Swedish Match Acquisition logo  Philip Morris × Swedish Match Acquisition

In May 2022, Philip Morris launched a takeover bid for Swedish Match (manufacturer of Zyn). Despite shareholder resistance, by late November, PMI acquired over 90% ownership and de-listed Swedish Match from the stock market.

$16B • 2022 • Acquisition  
VF × Supreme Acquisition logo  VF × Supreme Acquisition

New York streetwear brand Supreme was acquired by VF, the parent company of Vans, The North Face and Timberland.

$2.1B • 2020 • Acquisition  
Frontier × Spirit Merger logo  Frontier × Spirit Merger

Frontier Airlines offered to merge with Spirit but the proposal failed because of lack of support from Spirit shareholders. JetBlue made a better offer than Frontier to buy Spirit but a federal judge blocked the deal.

$3.8B • 2022 • Acquisition  
Kraft × Heinz Merger logo  Kraft × Heinz Merger

In March 2015, H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group, Inc. entered into a binding agreement to merge their operations, resulting in the formation of The Kraft Heinz Company.

$45B • 2015 • Merger  
Kroger × Albertsons Acquisition logo  Kroger × Albertsons Acquisition

Kroger announced plans to acquire Albertsons for $24.6B in 2022, but the FTC filed suit to block the merger.

$24.6B • 2022 • Acquisition  
Adobe × Figma Acquisition logo  Adobe × Figma Acquisition

Adobe was set to acquire Figma for $20B in 2022, but the deal fell through a year later due to regulatory pressure.

$20B • 2022 • Acquisition  
 Nvidia × Arm Acquisition logo  Nvidia × Arm Acquisition

Nvida was set to acquire Arm for $40B in 2020, but the FTC blocked the transaction.

$40B • 2020 • Acquisition  
 Our Future logo  Our Future

Our Future is a short-form video media brand that covers business news for a Gen-Z audience.

-- • 2023 • Acquisition  

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